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ZAO Ural-Omega was founded in 1991. It is a leading company in Russia and on CIS territory in terms of the development and creation of new technologies, integrated production and equipment in the field of crushing, grinding and classification of materials.

Main business activities:

  • design, engineering, development and creation of integrated production;
  • technologies and scientific and technical activities in the field of processing of mining and industrial minerals.
  • manufacture, supply, installation, service of crushing, screening, grinding and classifying equipment.

Nowadays the company is a trusted partner for more than 250 companies from Russia and other countries that use our equipment and technology in various industries: ore-dressing production, road construction, construction materials, etc.

Close collaboration with clients allows us to continually upgrade our equipment to meet the needs of industries and modern requirements for the production engineering.

Our equipment is modern, reliable and without world analogues. More than 30 unique patented solutions and mechanisms are used as basis of equipment design.

We have modern laboratory station that includes crushing, grinding, classifying, and separation plants and units that allow to:

  • identify properties of material and finished products;
  • select the optimal modes and principles of materials processing, equipment and technologies;
  • provide the customer with actual results of equipment operation.

We are aware of responsibility and importance of choosing the main technological equipment and partners by manufacturing companies because their economy and culture of created productions depend on it. Therefore, we guarantee not only technological operation of the equipment, but also the parameters of the materials obtained in course of the equipment supply or organization of integrated production.

Our partners:

Scientific and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise NPO “Center” established in 1981 on the basis of the scientific division of Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Currently NPO Center is a part of the Belorussian Scientific and Production Group of companies Belmashpribor and constitutes its largest research and development, testing and production center.

Our crushing and grinding and classifying equipment is high-tech equipment produced in collaboration with NPO Center, bringing together the best ideas and solutions, years of experience, scientific and technical achievements of the companies.