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Unique Technologies

The idea of centrifugal equipment is based on unique design solutions that are patented and embodied in the centrifugal equipment offered by us. The equipment produced by us is modern, reliable and without world analogues. More than 30 unique patented solutions and mechanisms are used in equipment design.

Attention! Important information:

  • We do not transfer the right to use patents and our engineering solutions to other companies in any form: licenses, documents, information, technical parts, etc.
  • We do not relate to third party companies and products that have “similar” design solutions.
  • Results of the equipment operation of these companies do not reflect results and performance of our equipment.

If you choose equipment and supplier, we recommend you to obtain firstly information about actual operating sites and reviews of technical and management personnel about his work.

A gasostatic bearing or an air support unit is a fundamental part. It ensures technical excellence and technological capabilities of equipment. Patented.

  • Gasostatic bearing in detail

    Gasostatic bearing

    Газостатическая support

    Patented air support unit / gasostatic bearing constitutes a fundamental part of our equipment, which provides technical excellence and technological capabilities of equipment. A gasostatic support is represented by semispherical parts that diverge under hydraulic pressure of the air flow and form a “gas bearing”. Bearing part of a bearing unit (stator part) is static. On the dynamic part of the unit (rotor part) are accelerator and universal joint mounting rod that puts the system in a “rotor-accelerator” rotational motion. There are no frictional forces, vibrations, mechanical interaction of the system parts in gasostatic bearing (only on aerial environment).

    Gasostatic bearing is a self-balancing system. Due to the special design of gas bearing and drive, rotor has three spatial degrees of freedom. Under the action of composite forces (air lift force, universal joint stress, accelerator weight and aerodynamic forces aligning areas of high and low pressure) a rotor has an optimal spatial location regardless of the direction and type of load and ensures stable and uniform operation of the equipment on high level of imbalance and dynamic loads on accelerator.

    All equipment on gasostatic bearing is equipped with:

    • Contact warning systems;
    • Protection from extreme imbalance overloads caused by non-crushable particles that exceed the installed feed of crushing equipment;
    • Protection system that ensures safe emergency stop of equipment;

    Design reliability is also confirmed by the fact that centrifugal stands for testing components of military and space systems with peripheral overload values up to 500g based on this technology are available and have been successfully used.

    Use of gasostatic bearing ensures high performance of crushing equipment and significantly reduces maintenance costs, complexity and frequency of its maintenance.

An accelerator is a main operating part of crushing and grinding equipment that discharges material into the crushing chamber through special liners.

  • Accelerator in detail


    An accelerator is a main operating part of crushing and grinding equipment that discharges material into the crushing chamber through special liners. An accelerator design provides for self-lining of channels and main areas of wear and tear, as well as a possibility of a simple multiple repairs. Total weight of accelerator is 100-310 kg (weight of the heaviest replaceable part of accelerator is 40 kg). An accelerator substitution together with crusher requires less than 90 minutes.

Crushing chamber self-lining allows implementing material destruction principle of “stone on stone” in the crushing equipment, which greatly reduces costs of quick-wearing parts and increases an equipment operation coefficient.

  • Crushing chamber self-lining in detail

    Crushing chamber self-lining

    Material destruction principle of “stone on stone” is used to solve most problems of the crushing and grinding equipment. This solution can significantly reduce costs of quick-wearing parts. The destruction occurs as a result of an impact with accumulated material layer located in the area of the lining and collisions of particles. Unlike other crushing equipment of similar operation mode, Centrifugal crushers DC allow crushing of materials on a high scale due to the high speeds of material discharge by the system of “gasostatic bearing”.

    Operating principle:

    High-pressure fan causes pressurized air in the chamber required for rotor emergence and formation of a “gas bearing” system. Universal-joint drive drives the working part of crusher by turning the accelerator. Crushing feed is fed on the accelerator separating cone by a funnel. Feed is distributed to different channels and fills special accelerator holes creating a lining layer under the influence of centrifugal forces.

Crushing parts - crushing chamber of crusher can be made of special crushing parts that allow centrifugal impact equipment to perform almost any crushing, including hard-to-treat abrasive materials such as electrocorundum (the second strong material after diamond).

  • Crushing parts in detail

    Crushing parts

    Crushing parts differ depending on the type of material and desired performance of finished product, geometry and type of materials used, but the basic principles of their production is the same for any type: long life, reliability, quality, easy replacement.

Discharge chutes centrifugal crushers DC can be optionally equipped with discharge chutes of special design: removable or replaceable with a system of self-lining of wear areas.

  • Discharge chutes in detail

    Discharge chutes

    The reliability and performance of equipment ensure its high performance (> 10 mln. tons). This determines the need to replace or repair worn material discharge chutes (by performance period > 5 mln. tons). During work on abrasive materials crushers DC can be optionally equipped with discharge chutes of special design: removable or replaceable with a system of self-lining of wear areas that increase performance of this part.

Integrated classification is discharge from the grinding process and separation of ready particles immediately after their destruction.

  • Integrated classification in detail

    Integrated classification

    Operation technology of grinding complexes KI produced by our company, due to the classifier integrated into the mill implies discharge from the grinding process and separation of ready particles immediately after their destruction (grinding). This solution eliminates negative processes of materials’ overgrinding, and fine adjustment of the classifier aloows obtaining defined narrow classes of materials.

Control system in crushing and screening equipment is based on the principle of highly automated technology management systems that are user-friendly and understandable both for the user and for engineering staff. The equipment works on a given parameter of quality of the final product and has a feedback that lets you automatically respond to feed values changing on ACS level.

  • Control system in detail

    Control system

    Crushing and screening equipment and systems are equipped with systems that monitor the operational status of main modules, pressure sensors and motion sensors. It is possible to optionally equip an automated control system on the basis of interactive control panel with service and statistics log or based on PC. Operator adjusts a degree of material crushing and changes operation modes from control panel. It does not require stopping and mechanical adjustments.

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