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Crushing chamber self-lining

Crushing chamber self-lining

Crushing chamber self-lining

Material destruction principle of “stone on stone” is used to solve most problems of the crushing and grinding equipment. This solution can significantly reduce costs of quick-wearing parts. The destruction occurs as a result of an impact with accumulated material layer located in the area of the lining and collisions of particles. Unlike other crushing equipment of similar operation mode, Centrifugal crushers DC allow crushing of materials on a high scale due to the high speeds of material discharge by the system of “gasostatic bearing”.

Operating principle:

High-pressure fan causes pressurized air in the chamber required for rotor emergence and formation of a “gas bearing” system. Universal-joint drive drives the working part of crusher by turning the accelerator. Crushing feed is fed on the accelerator separating cone by a funnel. Feed is distributed to different channels and fills special accelerator holes creating a lining layer under the influence of centrifugal forces.

Other news:


put into operation 3-I centrifugal-impact crushers DC-1,6

22.12.2011 put into operation 3-I centrifugal-impact crushers DC-1,6 production company “ Ural-omega” on joint-stock company “ Asphalt” in the paragraph. Verkhne-The Blagoveshchensk. 27.01.2012 put into operation 4-I centrifugal crusher DC-1.6 per PARA Krasnoarovo, the Amur region (CJSC Asphalt, str. Blagoveshchensk).

Gasostatic bearing

A gasostatic bearing or an air support unit is a fundamental part. It ensures technical excellence and technological capabilities of equipment. Patented.

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