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Gasostatic bearing

Gasostatic bearing

Gasostatic bearing

Газостатическая support

Patented air support unit / gasostatic bearing constitutes a fundamental part of our equipment, which provides technical excellence and technological capabilities of equipment. A gasostatic support is represented by semispherical parts that diverge under hydraulic pressure of the air flow and form a “gas bearing”. Bearing part of a bearing unit (stator part) is static. On the dynamic part of the unit (rotor part) are accelerator and universal joint mounting rod that puts the system in a “rotor-accelerator” rotational motion. There are no frictional forces, vibrations, mechanical interaction of the system parts in gasostatic bearing (only on aerial environment).

Gasostatic bearing is a self-balancing system. Due to the special design of gas bearing and drive, rotor has three spatial degrees of freedom. Under the action of composite forces (air lift force, universal joint stress, accelerator weight and aerodynamic forces aligning areas of high and low pressure) a rotor has an optimal spatial location regardless of the direction and type of load and ensures stable and uniform operation of the equipment on high level of imbalance and dynamic loads on accelerator.

All equipment on gasostatic bearing is equipped with:

  • Contact warning systems;
  • Protection from extreme imbalance overloads caused by non-crushable particles that exceed the installed feed of crushing equipment;
  • Protection system that ensures safe emergency stop of equipment;

Design reliability is also confirmed by the fact that centrifugal stands for testing components of military and space systems with peripheral overload values up to 500g based on this technology are available and have been successfully used.

Use of gasostatic bearing ensures high performance of crushing equipment and significantly reduces maintenance costs, complexity and frequency of its maintenance.

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