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Process automation

Creation of highly-automated production control systems that are user-friendly and comprehensible for both end user and engineering staff.

Process automation

A standard configuration of any of our products implies the use of frequency converter drives and sensors that control safe operation of equipment. In case of complex production a management system is implemented based on interactive panels with simple visual inspection and adjustment of production lines, product weight control, statistics and service logs.

The manufacture of any product, especially those with high demands to quality and reliability, requires strict compliance with all technological parameters which are not always subject to control. Special using secondary parameters of equipment such as engine load, gas supports, pressure, charge air conditions, humidity and our unique experience enable us to effectively control and manage production processes.

For example, change of quarrying horizon or seasonal factors may lead to changes in the end-use properties of the finished product, activity and gradation. These factors cannot be controlled directly in the “actual-mode”.

Processing lines operate on a given quality parameter of the end product and have the feedback that allows automatic responding to the alterations of the initial material parameters on ACS level.

High level of automation significantly reduces training costs, increases production standards at the plant and allows avoiding technological risks during operation.