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Production procedures

Our experience includes more than 20 different production procedures, 8 integrated process projects.

Production procedures

A production procedure is an internal regulatory document of the enterprise that determines the methods of production, technological standards, facilities, conditions and processing procedures. This document ensures compliance of finished product with regulatory requirements (Russian, international, etc.) and establishes the safety of operations and achievement of the optimum technical-economic process indicators.

The accumulated experience in the development of different production procedures and the availability of the necessary resources and research base enables ZAO Ural-Omega to carry out such works of any complexity and for different industries, such as ore and minerals beneficiation, cement and binders production, etc. Processing line implementation that is proposed in the procedures is effected using the industrial equipment of ZAO Ural-Omega. Thus, the advantage of the development of production procedures by our company is a total (pass-through) responsibility for the quality of the finished product and the equipment used.

Development of production procedures includes:

  • Conduction of pilot tests of the material(s) together with the estimate of its “input” and “output” chemical, mineralogical and fractional compositions.
  • Selection of the optimum crushing, grinding and separation mode.
  • Creation of qualitative-quantitative production procedures diagram.
  • Equipment selection and creation of machine flow sheet.
  • Guidelines for production process mechanization and automation.

“Process solutions” section of the Rock-crushing plant working project includes the following:

  • operation mode.
  • description of source material properties.
  • material types possible to obtain.
  • rationale for choosing a treatment process.
  • production volume and range.
  • process flow sheet.
  • qualitative-quantitative product flow sheet.
  • equipment specifications.
  • description of process flow sheet principle.
  • finished-products storage area.
  • suggestions for arrangement of production quality control.