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Cement Production Technologies

Cement Production Technologies.  

We offer processing lines of cement production that are based on the principle of the organization of cement production using an outgoing clinker. In our opinion, it is possible and appropriate to perform grinding of clinker and other components for cement production directly next to the markets of its use. As opposed to the cement, quality of which directly depends on the time and conditions of its transportation and storage, clinker until its grinding is an inert material which means it does not lose its properties over time and does not require special storage and transportation conditions.

Feasibility of establishing local production of Portland cement with clinker grinding let us solve the following objective problems in the industry:

  • Complex logistics process and high transportation costs connected with the transportation of finished products.
  • The instability of finished product quality which depends directly on the time and conditions of storage and transportation.
  • Difficulty in ensuring the uniform utilization connected with seasonal fluctuations in demand and inability to create finished product inventories.

Advantages of establishing local productions:

  • An ability to create storage depots of source components and their long-term storage.
  • Flexible response to the changes in quantity demanded and output “on-request”.
  • Improved export and regional sales outlet and cement production.
  • Facilitation of the logistics process and reduction of transport costs: the use of cheaper modes of transportation, i.e. transportation of half-finished products with their subsequent processing, etc.
  • Ensuring consistent quality and performance activity of the finished product.

The quality of obtained products meets all requirements of GOST and is confirmed by cement testing in concrete. Low unit cost of equipment operation confirms that the production management based on the principle of centralized clinker production and multi-site cement production (grinding with local industrial waste) is expedient.

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