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Crushing Separation

Beneficiation of Crushing Separation.

Beneficiation technology of crushing separation allows processing of 0-5 mm fraction - separation of crushing and screening production lines, and existing tailings into liquid commercial products, the cost of which is 2-3 times higher than the separation cost:

  • riprap stone;
  • mortar sand;
  • mineral additives.

Traditional technology of industrial engineering (by trommelling or hydraulic classification) is economically unsound for the most part. Generally, the separation is stored and thus the overall performance is reduced: under-utilization of raw materials, sunk transportation and non-liquid waste storage costs, emissions penalties and society claims on the business of the company.

The crushing-screening line is based on the Cascade-gravity classifiers (Cascade-gravity + Screening Plant) and has the following advantages:

  • almost no maintenance needed;
  • low energy consumption;
  • no replacement parts;
  • non-waste production.

Installation of one crushing-screening line allows to obtain about 200 000 tons of saleable output per year.

The ability to integrate a crushing-screening line into existing processes is substantially unlimited due to the following:

  • small space occupied by the line;
  • wide range of equipment allows to choose the optimal variants of its performance;
  • rare maintenance and high reliability of equipment ensure line synchronous operation and do not limit performance of the main processing lines.
  • no additional systems, oil-pumping stations, cleaning platforms (necessary by trommelling), etc. are required.

Stamp sand properties in concrete.

Sand type Crushed River
Compression strength, mPa 42.6 31.6
Bending strength, mPa 13.9 9.1
Wearing, g/cm² 0.34 0.6
Saturation coefficient (300 cycles) 0.9 0.68

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