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Production of Cube-shaped Crushed Stone

Production of Cube-shaped Crushed Stone.

We offer unique equipment and technology of cube-shaped crushed stone production that meets all modern standards and requirements.

Upon receipt of crushed stone on centrifugal crushers DC there is a fundamental improvement of the shape and mechanical properties of the grain. Flakiness of crushed stone obtained from an absolute majority of minerals is 2-10% which completely meets the standard GOST 8267-93 group I.

Exploitation of centrifugal crushers DC in Crushing and screening plants provides for:

  • crushed stone preparation containing at least 90% of cube-shaped grains in all fractions, the ratio of grain thickness to length is not more than 1 : 2 in more than 80% of the grains, while cube-shaped (not flaky) grain according to GOST is grain with a ratio of 1 : 3 or less.
  • increase of the strength of crushed stone on one level, decrease of cleavage fragments and fraction of particles with a weakened form: the strength of crushed stone (in terms of divisibility) obtained in a centrifugal impact crusher DC increases from 16 to 29%.
  • obtaining crushed stone from strong rocks with dust <1.0%;
  • obtaining crushing separation with isometric grain shape.


Drawing 1: Typical content of grains of flaky shape in the crushed stone of various rocks



Drawing 2: Typical distribution of grain shape of the crushed stone



Drawing 3: Typical changes in the properties of crushed stone while crushing on the crusher DC


  • Examples of product qualityподробнее

    Examples of product quality in detail

    Object, mine Rock Mark acc. to crushability Weight loss by crushability test,% Grain content of bladed (flaky) and needle-shaped form in % by weight, fraction   
      Initial Cont.
     Initial  Cont.  5-10  10-15  15-20  10-20 20-40 
    Malyj Kuybas, Magnitogorsk Crouan, granodiorite, porphyrite 1400
    1400 7,3 3,9 7,0 - - 7,2
    Kemerovskiy kamennyj karier Sandstone-limestone 1000
    1200 11,2
    - - 12,3
    Severavtodor, Pyt-Yakh Hornblendite 1200
    1400 10,7
    - -
    Severavtodor, Surgut Dolomite 1200
    1200 8,3
    - -
    Severavtodor, Nizhnevartovsk Serpentinite 1000
    1200 12,6
    - -
    Volkovskiy, Sverdlovsk region Gabbro-diabase 1400
    1400 11,5
    - - 7,0
    Mozzhuhinskiy, Kemerovo region Limestone 1000
    - -
    Mugodzharskiy karier, Kazakhstan Diabase 1400
    - - 5,0
    Anbashskiy, Chelyabinsk region Crouan 800
    - - 6,0
    Severskiy granitnyj karier, Sverdlovsk region Crouan 800
    1000 22,3
    - - 1,5
    Sangalykskiy dioritovy karier, Bashkortostan Gabbro-diarite 1400
    - - 6,4
    Karagandanerud, Kazakhstan Porphyrite 1400
    - - 7,0
    Orskoye karieroupravlenie, Orenburg region Gabbro-diabase 1400
    - 5,0
    Uralasbest, Sverdlovsk region Chrysotile asbestos 1400
    - - 5,2


  • Sand and Gravel Mix (SGM) Processingподробнее

    Sand and Gravel Mix (SGM) Processing

    Nowadays a significant part of the European part of Russia is deficient in igneous rocks. At the same time it has significant reserves of sand and gravel mix (SGM).

    One of the problems of obtaining high-quality crushed stone of most popular fine fractions from SGM is the inefficiency or inability to obtain high-quality crushed stone in traditional jaw and cone crushers due to the high content of uncrushed grains: significantly greater than 20% regulated by GOST.

    In contrast to the jaw and cone crushers, centrifugal crushers DC let us obtain high-quality cube-shaped  crushed stone of fractions less than 20 mm with crushed grain content no less than 85% (80% according to the requirements of the standard.) The high degree of grain crushing of all crushed stone fractions is caused by the impact operating principle of crusher DC. In this case, all grain of the source material with high kinetic energy is subject to multiple impacts on the crusher’s self-lining and against each other.

    If we use centrifugal crushers DC, almost all grain of the source material is destroyed. This leads to obtaining a high-quality crushed stone from gravel that contains 2-5% of uncrushed grain with the content of flaky grains no less than 10-15%.

    The equipment of ZAO Ural-Omega can help to solve the problem of producing quality aggregates:

    An example of obtaining high-quality cube-shaped crushed stone from SGM is actual performance figures of crushing and screening lines (based on the crusher DC) for optimal processing of SGM.

    Object: Asphalt concrete mixing plant of Sharypovskyj branch of the State enterprise KraiDEO Krasnoyarsk region, Sharypovo

    Material: gravel from Uryupinsk field
    Mark acc. to crushability of source material GOST 8267-93:> 1000
    Mark acc. to crushability of crushed material GOST 8267-93:> 1000
    Installed equipment: TDSU-70-40 (with the crusher DC-1, Q = 25 115t/h)


    The quality of cube-shaped crushed stone obtained from SGM

    Product Rest on cullenders Cullender size, mm
    40 -20 -10 -5 -5
    1 Initial Partial 20,9 56,2 14,9 7,9 0,1
    Full 20,9 77,1 92 99,9 100
    2 Crushed Partial 6,4 34,1 30,3 14,9 14,3
    Full 6,4 40,5 70,8 85,7 100


    Fraction -20+10 мм -10+5 мм
    Flaky grain content in the product 5% 6%
    Crushed grain content acc. to GOST 8267-93: 95%
  • Aspects of Cube-shaped Crushed Stone Production подробнее

    Aspects of Cube-shaped Crushed Stone Production

    The quality and value of the obtained concrete and asphalt composition is largely dependent on the properties of aggregates used, namely crushed stones. An increase in bulk density and decrease in cavitation allows obtaining asphalt concretes with a more compact structure and lower discharge. It is necessary to note a number of technological aspects of exploitation of cube-shaped gravel for road construction: firstly it is a tangible reduction in consumption of asphalt binders during production of asphalt concrete (according to ROSDORNII Sverdlovsk center) this reduction can be up to 15% from the binder weight; less number of roller passages to achieve the required density of asphalt pavement because of the higher density of bituminous mixture itself, etc.

    The quality of crushed stone used in concrete production and road construction is to a large extent determined by the shape of its grains. Grain shape of crushed stone depends on two main factors: the structure of the rock and the type of crushing equipment.

    Possible solution to the problem of obtaining high-quality aggregates is the use of modern and highly efficient equipment in crushing and screening complexes.

    Analysis of the crushed stone production technology, the effects of material processing stages and equipment used on the quality and cost of the final product show that:
      • the basic cost of producing crushed stone is formed in the early stages of crushing, screening and transporting of materials. This applies to both the initial cost of equipment (depreciation) and to the costs of maintenance, repairs, spare parts, etc.
      • product quality of the whole processing line is defined by the crushing equipment installed at the last stage of crushing.


    In course of design of new lines for crushed stone processing or upgrading of the existing crushed stone, special attention should be paid to the drilling equipment at the last stage and its impact on the economic and qualitative characteristics of the line.

    The research carried out by our company and experience of commercial operation of crushers shows that the use of crushers DC at the last stage of crushing can put product quality of all the lines in line with modern requirements for aggregates. For example, if we install DC into a current line of crushed stone processing of groups 4-5 in form of grain, you may receive the crushed stone groups 1-2 (GOST-8267-93).

    The traditional widely used jaw and cone crushers allow to obtain crushed stone with poor content of bladed form (in fact > 20%).
    DC installation in a processing line at the last stage of crushing can significantly improve the quality of the product and bring it in line with modern requirements for aggregates.

    The operation experience has shown that the crushed stone obtained as a result of the use of crushers DC is characterized by dramatically improving performance.

    A typical characteristic of the crushing product DC: grain shape

      • grain form - refers to a cube-shaped grain, the yield of such grain is no less than 88% even in fractions of 5-10 mm. This is due to the fact that the nature of the movement of said crushed material in crusher leads to the effective destruction of bladed and needle-shaped grains present in the source material, and a corresponding increase in the number of cube-shaped grains.
      • change in the grain form in the resulting material is naturally accompanied by an increase in the strength of crushed stone (depending on the properties of the rock increases from 15 to 30%), the average change in performance, and a bulk density of emptiness.

    An example of obtaining high-quality aggregates required in today's road construction may be the use of centrifugal crushers DC. Today this crushing equipment is the most popular in the road construction industry because it allows getting first category crushed stones of most types of rocks. The equipment for many years has been used by many companies in the sector of road construction: OAO Avtodorstroy, OAO Severavtodor, OAO KraiDEO, OAO Russian Railways, SUE Chelyabinsk Highway Administration, the largest suppliers of cube-shaped crushed stone for construction of roads and motorways of OAO Orskoe karieroupravlenie, OAO Ural Asbestos, etc.


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