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Production of Cube-shaped Crushed Stone

Sand and Gravel Mix (SGM) Processing

Sand and Gravel Mix (SGM) Processing

Nowadays a significant part of the European part of Russia is deficient in igneous rocks. At the same time it has significant reserves of sand and gravel mix (SGM).

One of the problems of obtaining high-quality crushed stone of most popular fine fractions from SGM is the inefficiency or inability to obtain high-quality crushed stone in traditional jaw and cone crushers due to the high content of uncrushed grains: significantly greater than 20% regulated by GOST.

In contrast to the jaw and cone crushers, centrifugal crushers DC let us obtain high-quality cube-shaped  crushed stone of fractions less than 20 mm with crushed grain content no less than 85% (80% according to the requirements of the standard.) The high degree of grain crushing of all crushed stone fractions is caused by the impact operating principle of crusher DC. In this case, all grain of the source material with high kinetic energy is subject to multiple impacts on the crusher’s self-lining and against each other.

If we use centrifugal crushers DC, almost all grain of the source material is destroyed. This leads to obtaining a high-quality crushed stone from gravel that contains 2-5% of uncrushed grain with the content of flaky grains no less than 10-15%.

The equipment of ZAO Ural-Omega can help to solve the problem of producing quality aggregates:

An example of obtaining high-quality cube-shaped crushed stone from SGM is actual performance figures of crushing and screening lines (based on the crusher DC) for optimal processing of SGM.

Object: Asphalt concrete mixing plant of Sharypovskyj branch of the State enterprise KraiDEO Krasnoyarsk region, Sharypovo

Material: gravel from Uryupinsk field
Mark acc. to crushability of source material GOST 8267-93:> 1000
Mark acc. to crushability of crushed material GOST 8267-93:> 1000
Installed equipment: TDSU-70-40 (with the crusher DC-1, Q = 25 115t/h)


The quality of cube-shaped crushed stone obtained from SGM

Product Rest on cullenders Cullender size, mm
40 -20 -10 -5 -5
1 Initial Partial 20,9 56,2 14,9 7,9 0,1
Full 20,9 77,1 92 99,9 100
2 Crushed Partial 6,4 34,1 30,3 14,9 14,3
Full 6,4 40,5 70,8 85,7 100


Fraction -20+10 мм -10+5 мм
Flaky grain content in the product 5% 6%
Crushed grain content acc. to GOST 8267-93: 95%

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put into operation 3-I centrifugal-impact crushers DC-1,6

22.12.2011 put into operation 3-I centrifugal-impact crushers DC-1,6 production company “ Ural-omega” on joint-stock company “ Asphalt” in the paragraph. Verkhne-The Blagoveshchensk. 27.01.2012 put into operation 4-I centrifugal crusher DC-1.6 per PARA Krasnoarovo, the Amur region (CJSC Asphalt, str. Blagoveshchensk).

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