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Crushing and screening, grinding, and classifying equipment manufactured by Ural-Omega is the result of the long-term operational experience of the company and its unique solutions.

Effective technologies of centrifugal impact crushing, fine grinding, and dry air classification applied in our equipment help to achieve high qualitative characteristics of the final product and low operating costs for crushing equipment and grinding and screening complexes.

Structural design of Ural-Omega crushing and screening equipment comprises more than 30 patented mechanisms, including a unique solution that has no rivals all around the world – the air supporting node or so-called gasostatic support. This solution makes it possible to rotate the operating parts of centrifugal crushers at high speed with no imbalance vibration and ensures the technical excellence of our equipment.

Our equipment and solutions are applied in different branches of production and technology:

  • cubiform crushed stone production
  • mineral flour production
  • ore beneficiation and minerals separation
  • micro calcite production
  • fine powders and ultra-fine materials production
  • construction mix constituents production
  • cement production

Centrifugal impact crushers for crushing and grinding of ore and non-ore materials.

Fine and ultra-fine dry grinding of various materials (including highly abrasive ones) based on the centrifugal impact grinding principle. Production of: cement, mineral dust, micro calcite, different fine powders.

Complexes for dry air classification of granular materials of -10 mm fractions with the productivity of up to 60 t/h and effective separation of up to four finished product classes.

Complexes for dry air high-precision classification of fine and dust products of -200 μm classes based on the dynamic air material separation principle.

High-performance dynamic air classifier for powders of -500… -40 μm classes, equipped with a patented two-phase flow system without the use of any screen sizing systems.

Unbalanced-throw screens for check, intermediate, and final bulk material screening.