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Micropowder production lines

Micropowder production lines with the productivity of 10 to 15 t/h with stepless grinding coarseness adjustment.

General information

The line enables establishing simultaneous production of the whole range of micropowders of different classes, and is an ultimate choice for microcalcite production.

Applied units have stepless grinding coarseness and classification adjustment, and the general ACS of the line helps to:

  • change operational modes of different units without the need to adjust them mechanically;
  • choose different presets or establish a new flow chart for the enterprise in general.

Technological basis of the line:

KI complex able to produce powders with the fineness (D98): ‑200 .. -40 μm.

KC Dynamic air classifier (integrated into the KI complex – optionally) able to produce powders with the fineness of (D98): ‑100 .. ‑20 μm from the ground product.

KCM classification complex produces powders of  -20 .. -5 μm class from KI products.

As of 2012: 50% of the total Russian microcalcite is being produced with the help of our equipment – KI grinding complexes.


Productivity 10-15 t/h
Total installed electric capacity 600 kW
Gas flow < 6.0 m3/t
Preliminary dimensions 20х60х10 m


Flow chart

Технологическая схема